My art story

Since my earliest memories, I have been captivated by the wonder and beauty of art. It has become a vital part of who I am and an outlet for me to express myself in a way that is both freeing and comforting. Like many others, I struggled with my mental health when the pandemic hit. But through the healing power of art, I found a way to overcome the difficulties I was facing. Art is now my “Ikigai” (meaning life purpose in Japanese) and my therapy.

As an artist, I aim to share my work with the world and help others find the same joy and solace that I have found in art. My hope is that through my art, I can inspire and uplift as many people as possible. I believe that art has the power to touch the soul and make the world a brighter, more beautiful place. So, I send my art out into the world, with the intention of bringing happiness and positivity to the lives of others.

I am an acrylic mixed media artist, and my work is focused on the interplay between shapes, color, and texture. I use these elements to express my most intangible feelings toward myself, society, and the natural world. Through my art, I transform negative emotions into positive ones, using the canvas and media as a medium for personal healing and growth.

My artistic practice is a fusion of different techniques and approaches, allowing me to explore the limitless possibilities of mixing colors and textures. I am inspired by the power of nature, and my work often reflects the nature and complexity of society.

Ultimately, my goal as an artist is to share my work with others and evoke emotional responses that encourage people to connect with their own emotions and inner selves. I believe that we can transform ourselves and the world around us through art.

Past & current Exhibits Lists:

  • 2019 Art project at Mississauga Lakeview Farmers Market by CreativeHub1352 and Portcredit, and supported by the City of Mississauga and the Ontario Trillium Foundation.
  • 2022 Northern Contemporary Gallery, Toronto, ON: "A NIGHTMARE ON RONCESVALLES”
  • 2022 Northern Contemporary Gallery: "Under 100"
  • 2023 Brue Crow Gallery, Toronto, ON: 7th Annual Summer Group Show
  • 2023 Northern Contemporary Gallery: "all the small things"
  • 2023 North York Central Library August Exhibition
  • 2023 August Print issues by Suboart Magazine
  • 2023 Rooms Coffee 135 Ossington December 4 - May 2024
  • 2024 Ramen Raijin Toronto February 4 - ongoing
  • 2024 New Retro Basement Bar Toronto February 19 - ongoing